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Moshe Elijah

PO Box 7119

Bondi Beach, NSW 2026


+612 9130-7988

9am - 6pm local time. (GMT +10) Email: mosheelijah@yahoo.com.au

H1B Visa

This is a kind of non-immigrant US work visa. This visa is granted to foreign applicants who have valid employment offer to come to U.S and work under high skilled occupations. This visa is valid for 6 years. An applicant who does not have a valid employment offer cannot apply under this visa category. Once the visa is granted, the holder can apply for green card before the expiry of this visa.

H1B1 Visa

This visa is issued only to the nationals of Chile and Singapore. Chileans and Singaporeans those who seek to work temporarily in US can apply under this visa type. A US employer should sponsor this work visa under a high skilled occupation. It is valid for 18 months after which you cannot renew this visa.

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