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Clean Jokes To Make You Laugh

Laughter is a good medicine. King Solomon’s Proverbs in the Bible state that a merry heart is like a good medicine. Listening to funny jokes can make a person laugh. Laughter makes the heart of a person merry, which in turn improves a person’s health. Conversely, the Bible also indicates a broken heart (crushed spirit) would “dry up the bones”, which would result in sickness.

About Moshe

New Office at New Dehli

Profile: Moshe Elijah

I am a member of a fairly religious orthodox Sephardi Jewish family who keep to some degree the Kosher food rules, and light the candles on Friday nights, and go fairly frequently to Synagogue on Friday nights, etc. The male members of the family, including myself, wear the Tephillin daily, as this is usual according to Jewish custom.